Hammerhead Productions is an award-winning film production company that specializes in producing character-driven genre films – from action-thrillers to horror and suspense. Our films pack a punch; drawing inspiration from real-life events, such as the war on animal poaching, the illicit trade in human body parts, and violent clashes between mercenaries and warlords. Our bold and kinetic visual style creates an intense and visceral film experience.

We are currently developing a slate of short films in association with Friedrich-Stiftung fur die Freiheit sub-Saharan Africa.



A maverick journalist must survive unimaginable pain at the hands of a brutal interrogator in order to protect a valuable source and expose a murderous dictator.



An outspoken psychology professor is brutally attacked by politically radicalised students as part of an initiation for a new recruit.  














An LGBT activist is kidnapped and​ forced to dig her own grave by a ruthless secret policeman working for a bigoted politician who's hellbent on bringing back the death sentence for homosexuality.  



When a tormented security guard declines the help of a mysterious priest, his sanity starts to unravel, and he finds himself being hunted down by a man long believed to be dead - a bloodthirsty rebel soldier from the war-torn Congo.