Justin Head is a maverick South African filmmaker with a niche for writing and directing genre-driven films that are intense, visceral and gritty; drawing inspiration from a wide range of relevant social issues, from the fight against animal poaching, and the trafficking in human body parts, to the use of Private Military Contractors and child soldiers.

Justin holds an Honours degree in Motion Picture Medium. He wrote and directed his breakout short film, the supernatural thriller Scarred Instinct, in his graduation year. The film received several award nominations, including Best Screenplay & Best Direction, and scooped up Best Film.

His debut feature film as writer/director, Night Drive – South Africa’s first thriller/horror – dealt with the highly controversial subject of ‘muti’ murders, a crime where people's organs are harvested for witchcraft rituals. Inspired by real events, Night Drive follows a group of tourists running from a gang of highly trained, well-armed animal poachers, who now hunt people to harvest their body parts for a notorious witchdoctor.

After seeing the devastation caused by civil wars throughout Africa, Justin felt compelled to direct several emotionally charged commercials for Amnesty International South Africa. The bone-chilling Child Soldier won the Multichoice Africa VUKA! award for Best Director and Torture V/C secured the Best Overall Runner-Up award. 

His work soon caught the attention of Africa’s Extreme Sports community. He was hired to write and direct MMA Africa Showdown, a high-octane look at the world of mixed martial artists. He also directed promos for The Canopy Piloting World Cup – a dangerous low-altitude skydiving event where parachutists ‘swoop’ mere inches above a pool of water at breakneck speeds. These ‘pilots’ nonchalantly refer to a femur as a verb!

Justin also has several documentaries under his belt. One story took him right into the heart of the Rift Valley Fever Outbreak, which had claimed numerous lives as it rapidly swept across South Africa. Another story uncovered the misdiagnoses of a disease that kills more people worldwide than HIV, car accidents, breast and prostate cancers combined.

 Making A Killing, starring Brandon Auret (District 9, Elysium, Chappie), is Justin’s latest film. It’s about an unhinged security contractor who turns against his own men to protect a suspected child soldier in the war-ravaged DRC. The film bagged several awards on the international festival circuit, including Best Action Film, Best Foreign Film, and Best Editor.  



Righteous Blood 

Black Beach 

Scorched Earth 

Cry Havoc 


The Hunting Party