Justin Head’s career began in 2003, with his breakout short film, the supernatural thriller, Scarred Instinct. In that same year, he also directed two award-winning commercials, Child Soldier and Torture, for Amnesty International South Africa.

Justin’s debut feature film, Night Drive– South Africa's first action-horror – was written and directed for The Film Factory. The story deals with the highly controversial issue of ‘muti’ murders, a crime in which people's organs are harvested for witchcraft rituals. In the film, a group of tourists enjoying a night drive safari in the African Bush, are systematically hunted down by a gang of animal poachers who harvest human body parts for the black market.

Following Night Drive, he produced several documentary inserts for one of South Africa’s premium current affairs TV shows. One project took him right into the heart of a Rift Valley Fever Outbreak, which had claimed numerous lives as it rapidly swept across South Africa. 

Justin's visual style caught the attention of extreme sports organizations. He was hired to write, direct, and edit MMA Africa Showdown, a high-octane series about the continent’s growing mixed martial arts community. He also directed promos for The Canopy Piloting World Cup – a dangerous low-altitude skydiving competition. In this high stakes event, also known as swooping, skydivers must fly across a lake at breakneck speeds, mere inches above the water's surface.

Justin then wrote, directed, edited and co-produced Making A Killing for A Breed Apart Pictures. It's an action-war film about an unhinged private military contractor, who turns against his own men to protect a suspected child soldier in the war-torn DRC. 

Prior to starting Hammerhead Productions, Justin wrote a psychological thriller, Shadow Boxer, for A Breed Apart Pictures. 


 “The violence is real, it's gruesome, and it's brutal. But before you run for the hills, you must understand that there is a definite authenticity in the film which has its roots in the grim reality of poaching and the illicit trade of body parts in South Africa.” 

Johannesburg Live


"Night Drive is Justin Head’s first full length film offering and, if it is anything to go by, his is a name to look out for." 

Independent Online


"Night Drive has set the standard for horror, so the question is: what’s next on the local circuit?" 

The Star Tonight


"Writer-director Justin Head's fast-paced film goes for the kill and has a raw edge." 

The Writing Studio 


SYNOPSIS: When a former champion boxer throws a fight to pay off his father's gambling bet, he lapses into a coma, where he's forced to confront his deadliest opponent yet... Himself.